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Leveraging WhatsApp for Business with a Chatbot

By: Talkpush
What you’ll learn.

WhatsApp’s Business Messaging API allows recruitment teams to cast the widest net possible.
With 1.5 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp gives recruiters access to a grossly underused and diverse talent pool, spanning across demographics, age groups, and locations. The "WhatsApp:The Ultimate Recruitment Tool" white paper explores the benefits of this platform as well as the ways to maximize its potential with a conversational agent. 



What am I downloading?

Inside this white paper you’ll discover eye-opening stats on WhatsApp candidate use, why they prefer it, and how to successfully plan a strategy that links WhatsApp to sourcing campaigns across multiple channels. 

You’ll also be privy to insider tips on messaging and how to use all of the automation a WhatsApp recruiting bot can offer in the most efficient way. 



Message templates

Creating message templates that adapt to the medium and answer candidate inquiries


Answering FAQ's Instantly

Developing FAQ themes to better serve your candidates.



Collecting and monitoring campaign data.


Candidate Satisfaction

Increasing candidate satisfaction with instant responses and an easy to follow application process

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