Meet your hiring quotas while working remotely

Recruiters have access to digital tools that enable them to give a top-notch experience even while working remotely. Here we outline a few ways to get the most out of them.

What you'll learn

Get ready to handle higher volumes

While still offering personalized attention to every single candidate.

Tap into your “undecided” talent pool

Many of these passive candidates are about to become active

Don’t leave face to face interviews for later, hire candidates now

Use tools like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and video questions in your chatbot flow to get those personal interactions with your most qualified candidates.

Implement digital assessments

Video skills tools can reduce hiring costs by 62% and a drop of 68% in time to fill.

"Moving toward a remote-friendly workforce is one key trend of the future of work. Being able to interview [and] screen candidates at scale remotely is an important expertise for your team to develop. Embrace the current [COVID-19] situation as an opportunity to accelerate your shift towards hire-from-anywhere by 2-3 years — talent acquisition professionals are generally ahead of the curve on remote work. Hiring never stops and it should not be bound by the working hours or working location of your recruitment team."

Max Armbruster, talkpush CEO